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Support Our Teachers:

Leander ISD has the best teachers in Texas; we stack up well against any District in Texas.  So, why are so many leaving?  Why is it so hard to attract new teachers?  Teachers need our help and support. 


Fight for Great Pay:

  • LISD teachers, on average, earn about $2,300 less than other teachers in the state.  The average teacher's pay is about half of the average pay of Central Administration.  Teachers deserve salaries that at least match inflation!

Give Teachers the Gift of Time:​

  • Teachers are in the teaching profession because they love kids.  They want to help our children learn but find themselves in endless meetings, pushing paperwork, and saddled with "Administrative Burden".  The most common complaint is our teachers need real time for planning and classroom instruction.  Let our teachers teach.

Protect Our Great Teachers:​

  • Classroom violence against teachers is up nationwide.  14% of teachers have reported being physically abused.  Teach our students respect and have a Central Administration that will have teacher's backs by implementing fair and just student discipline.

Backing Up Our Teachers to Meet the Mandates of SB3:

  • The Texas Legislature passed SB3 to ensure there is no political or ideological instruction in the classroom. This is to ensure a neutral classroom where teachers can teach objective facts leaving parents to instill their own family values.

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