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In the Classroom

Issue: Academic Excellence

The primary function of our schools is to engage, inspire and educate students to maximize their academic growth and allow them to achieve their full potential.

LISD Core Belief

A deliberate and intentional focus on relevant and deeper learning for each student will optimize individual outcomes and personal growth.

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We Advocate For

  • Grade-level appropriate, challenging and inspiring lessons and instructional materials

  • Equal academic achievement goals and opportunities for all students, regardless of identity group

  • Promotion based on mastery of required skills 

  • Consistent measurement of student performance year over year to identify curriculum weaknesses

Our Kids Deserve Better

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Overall 3rd Grade Performance

Less than 20% of Leander ISD's student population is economically disadvantaged, a key predictor of student performance. 


LISD students should score much higher than the state average which includes many districts with 90% economically disadvantaged. 


When compared with similar districts, LISD performance does not measure up.

2023 3rd grade LISD Student Performance vs Similar Districts.png
LISD High School AP-IB Performance 2022.png

AP & IB Tests

60% of Glenn Students are failing 

Only kids prepared for the rigor of a college level course are supposed to be enrolled in AP/IB classes. The national tests are based on the curriculum.

Leadership should examine if the students are failing in just a few specific courses or across them all,  get to the bottom of why, and make changes to ensure these students can successfully pass AP and IP tests.

Overall Student Performance


Leander ISD student performance is in the bottom quartile when compared with similar districts in terms of size and percent of economically disadvantaged students.

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Math Student Performance


How can our students succeed when the majority of our elementary students have not mastered basic math functions?

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Failing our Children -SAT Scores.jpg
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