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State Board of Education District 10 Runoff Election 

We congratulate TOM MAYNARD on his runoff election win and encourage you to vote for him in November .

Tom and Abbott Runoff 2024.png

It Takes Strong Conservative Warriors to Safeguard Our Children

Tom Maynard

SBOE District 10

Education is the key to our prosperity and independence. For me, it was a lifeline that enabled me as a disadvantaged youth to rise above my circumstances at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch and live the American dream. 

My 5 children all graduated from Texas public schools and 8 of my grandkids are currently enrolled. My 9th grandkid will be enrolled soon. As a classroom instructor for 13 years, I taught young Texans practical knowledge and skills through career and technical education and later became the executive director of the largest state FFA Association in the nation. I served as an effective local school board trustee and have spent the last decade fighting for conservative values, student success, parental empowerment, fiscal responsibility, and common sense on the State Board of Education. 

But it is not enough to fight; we must always fight to win. Together with fellow conservatives, we have thwarted the plans of the radical left, transformed the Permanent School Fund, and laid the foundation for future wins. I hope I can count on you to help me continue the fight!

-Tom Maynard

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