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Issue: Parental Rights

Parents have the right and the responsibility to teach their family values to their children based on their own traditions and belief systems. The district has a responsibility to ensure a safe, neutral teaching environment using age-appropriate materials without political or ideological bias as dictated in Senate Bill 3.

LISD Core Belief

Our LISD family, which includes our students and their families, life-changers, board, and community members, thrives when we ensure a welcoming, safe, and caring environment in which we treat one another with integrity, respect, fairness, and acceptance while appreciating our differences.

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We Advocate For

  • LISD classrooms that are free from ideological bias and respectful of everyone

  • Enforcement of Policy EF Local which states "District professional staff shall endeavor to maintain a balanced collection representing various views when selecting instructional resources on controversial issues." 

  • Curriculum materials available online and classrooms open and welcoming to parents

  • Encouragement of students to take home tests, homework and journals to review with their parents

  • Enforcement of policy EF Legal which states "No student shall be required to submit to a survey, analysis or evaluation that reveals information concerning Protected Information."

  • Elimination of socio-emotional data harvesting 

Our Kids Deserve Better

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