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Issue: Safeguarding Children

High expectations are necessary to ensure a safe, fair and respectful environment where rules are enforced equally. Choices have consequences. Every student has an opportunity to learn free from fear and disruption.

LISD Core Belief

Each and every student is at the heart of our decisions. This requires a focus on students and all elements that impact their overall student experience in order for them to reach their maximum potential.

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We Advocate For

  • Enforcement of policy EF Local which mandates instructional resources are "appropriate for the subject area, age, ability level, learning styles, and social and emotional development of the students"

  • Removal of harmful and inappropriate images and ideas from classrooms (gratuitous violence, drug use, explicit sex)

  • Consistent and fair boundaries for behavior at every age (dress code, classroom behavior, bullying)

  • Adoption of an approach to discipline that prioritizes the learning of non-disruptive students, while providing support for students whose behavior violates rules

  • Adoption of an approach to discipline that does not differentiate based on a student's identity group

Our Kids Deserve Better

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