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May 8, 2023

Sadly, and yet again, the Leander ISD board gambled that the average voter would respond to their message of fear.

Voters passed Prop A, no matter the cost, to ensure critical issues will be addressed. 

Voters were presented with an unfair “Hobson’s Choice.”

Critical Tier 1 projects in the range of $400 million were held hostage as part of an overall $760 million bond package – an all-or-nothing approach that gave voters no real latitude, leaving many voters feeling like they had to vote for Prop. A or risk losing important opportunities. 


April 10, 2023

FINAL Flyer and Ad Graphic.png

$762 Million Bond Election May 6, 2023

The Leander ISD Board rushed to put a bond on the May ballot that is too expensive and lacks the necessary community input. As a result, Texas Parents United recommends a no vote on Proposition A, the $698.33 million bond. 

November 10, 2022

The LISD Community wants conservative leadership

If only one Conservative candidate had run in each place, we would be celebrating multiple wins this week. 

We are not giving up. Plans for 2024 are already in motion and we will continue to fight for Conservatism in Leander. We will educate the public and do our best to support those willing to work towards the mutual goal of public education reform. The target of bringing Conservatism back to our schools is the only thing that matters: Getting the word out, building relationships that bring people together and protecting our children. We welcome ANYONE, with a desire to make positive change, to join us.

chart of conservative vs liberal votes 2022 school board elelction.jpg
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