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Speak Up For Kids!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

There are several ways to share your ideas and concerns with our elected officials who will decide this session on a number of bills addressing issues including Parental Rights, Sexualizing Children and Gender Modification

The most impactful testimonies are personal stories shared by everyday Texans at Committee Hearings.
  • Prepare your comments in advance.

  • Include an introduction and what bill you are testifying about and whether you are for or against the bill. Conclude by saying "I'd respectfully ask that you vote for/against SB/HB ______. Thank you."

  • You should try to arrive at the Capitol at least 45-1 hr before your committee hearing is set to start

  • Signing up to testify in the House: Sign up at the electronic kiosks in the Extension

  • Signing up to testify in the Senate: Some use electronic kiosks, others use witness cards at the back of the committee room

  • Pay attention to the timing of floor debates

  • Staying until the end of a committee can be very fruitful

  • Be willing to sit in an office to wait for a legislator to return

Meeting with a legislator is also a great way to have a BIG impact.
  • Try, if you can to set up meetings with legislators beforehand

  • Try to meet the legislators, but always be willing to meet with a staffer, staffers are the eyes/ears for the Legislators

  • Follow up after your meeting with promised information

Texas Parents United would like to thank Mary Elizabeth Castle from Texas Values for sharing with us much of the above information about how to speak up for kids.

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