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"You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going."

Dear Conservatives,

The data is in and it's both exciting and heartbreaking. It is clear to us Conservatives politically own Leander ISD. If only one Conservative candidate had run, we would be celebrating multiple wins this week. Let me explain to you Texas Parents United's plans. We are not giving up. Plans for 2024 are already in motion and we will continue to fight for Conservatism in Leander. We will educate the public and do our best to support those willing to work towards the mutual goal of public education reform. It is our wish that emotions can be put aside and we can unite on that goal. The target of bringing Conservatism back to our schools is the only thing that matters in our opinion: Getting the word out, building relationships that bring people together and protecting our children. We welcome ANYONE, with a desire to make positive change, to join us.



Laura Davis



United, we will win!

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