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Link to LISD "Thought Exchange" about bond and zoning

Lend your voice to the feedback LISD is gathering about rezoning and school closures. You can comment and rate other comments.

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Email for more information

Attend our March 20th meeting where our guest speaker Judge Edna Staudt will present about Teen Court.

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Link to TPU Press Release re: Bond

We're still researching the May '23 $760+M bond but follow this link to see a few of our initial thoughts.


Texas Parents United is dedicated to advocating for the future of every child by challenging our schools to provide each student with an excellent academic experience: integrating common sense conservative solutions for today’s education challenges.

Core Values

  • Every student is supported to achieve their full potential

  • Every dedicated teacher is championed 

  • Every parent is acknowledged as the primary teacher of their children

  • Every classroom is an environment of safety, discipline and respect

  • All curriculum is age appropriate, challenging and free from ideological bias

  • All administration and school activities are fully transparent and accessible for parents to examine

  • Taxpayer dollars are managed responsibly for student achievement



Academic Excellence

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The primary function of our schools is to engage, inspire and educate students to maximize their academic growth and allow them to achieve their full potential.


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High expectations are necessary to ensure a safe, fair and respectful environment where rules are enforced equally. Every student has an opportunity to learn free from fear and disruption.

Doing Homework

Parental Rights

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Parents have the right and the responsibility to teach their family values to their children based on their own traditions and belief systems. The district has a responsibility to ensure a safe, neutral teaching environment using age-appropriate materials without political or ideological bias.

Teacher in Classroom


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The District must give teachers the autonomy to administer their classroom and maintain discipline for an effective learning environment. Teachers must be supported with competitive compensation, effective and consistent student discipline and be free from excess administrative burdens.


fiscal responsibility

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The Board of Trustees must earn the community’s trust by being responsible stewards of tax pay dollars, prioritizing funds for student achievement, and ensuring transparency in all district functions.

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